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Vital Proximity Detection

Proximity Detection


  • Moveable span bridges signal detection
  • Flood prone signal detection requirements
  • Switch point detector (Shown above)


  • Easy to set up proximity detectors with remote status monitor
  • Requires less maintenance than conventional mechanical devices
  • No mechanical parts or contacts to wear out
  • Proximity sensors and monitoring system operate on 12 volts DC
  • Fail-Safe protection through redundant components and crosschecks
  • Eliminates unnecessary trouble calls


     J&A's vital detection system uses monitored proximity sensors that are continually checked for shorts, line resistance, or contacts not opening or closing. Switch circuit controllers, micro-switches, and switch machines fail more quickly than the bridge signal detection system. With fewer repairs and less down time, efficiency and general performance rise, with none of the frustration of continuous maintenance.

    A remote status monitor provides sensor and relay information up to 1,000 feet away. The system mounts anywhere and operates on only 12V DC power.