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J&A Industries is dedicated to supplying our customers with superior quality signal related products and services.  For further information on how J&A Industries can provide customized, cost-effective signal products, call us at 800-748-7722 or send us an email at



Mast Ladder Platform


     J&A's mast ladder platforms are designed for the ultimate ease of assembly and long term right of way solutions. Our mast platforms are designed to be conveniently collapsible for shipping, and can be assembled in as little as fifteen minutes.



Shifted Load Detector


     The high/wide load detector, or shifted load detector, is designed to prevent cargo loss and protect bridges, overpasses, and property from freight damage.With a simple, durable design that is easy to maintain, J&A's detector aims to prevent road and right of way damage.



   Vital Proximity Detection


     The Vital Proximity Detection (VPD) system is an advanced design monitor developed for proximity sensors used in railroad signal detection. Designed with the maintainer in mind, this system is easy to set up, adjust, and troubleshoot.



Safety Products


     J&A's flag holders are designed to be both simple and durable, snapping on under the track to ensure long-term stability.



Rail Drills

Dual Head Drill

Multi-Purpose Drill


     J&A offers both dual head drills and multi-purpose drills for railway use. Our dual head drills are designed to simultaneously drill both transducer mounting holes through a rail.



Hydraulic Spring Frog Tester


     This convenient all-in-one spring frog tester covers all types of spring frogs. This durable and portable tester can deliver 5500 lbs (2500 kg) of force hydraulically.



Hydraulic Spring Switch Tester


     Portable and durable, the spring switch tester is specifically engineered to provide 5500 lbs (2500 kg) of force without sacrificing safety or ease of use.



Track Test Shunts


     These track test shunts are fabricated to be visible and easy to install.